Hi! I’m Max—a design generalist working at the intersection of design, strategy, and research. Most recently I worked at Designit Copenhagen & Munich, tackling challenges in the field of strategic design, service design and design research.

Selected Projects*

Link. Augmenting the Process of Sensemaking within Design Research.

Invitro. Human Genome Editing as a Service.

Microgestures. A Study on Touchless Interactions.

*Unfortunately most of my work at Designit is confidential. Here you can find some projects from my studies.

About Me

I’m Max — a design generalist with a human-centered design mindset, who enjoys working across disciplines and is always up for a good challenge.

My recent journey brought me to Scandinavia and Munich — where I was part of multidisciplinary teams, designing products, services, and experiences in the area of fintech, pharma, and mobility.

As a designer, I’m driven by a deep interest to truly understand peoples needs, their motivations and how they take decisions, to then translate these findings into products, services, and experiences that create value and have an impact.

Beyond designing products and services I enjoy tinkering around with emerging technologies, to explore how interactions and experiences might look like tomorrow.